Spiced green soup, yoghurt sauce and garlic croutons

Both me and my mum have always been big fans of soup. Filling, tasty and a smart way to eat your 5x day of veggies. There are TONS of ways to make a good soup although I have to admit I really don’t like using dairy or wheat to enrich or thicken it. Legumes like peas, beans, chickpeas or even potatoes are all great options to make a smooth and creamy soup.

INGREDIENTS: (4 servings)

  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1/2tsp cumin
  • 1/2tsp ginger
  • 1/2tsp garam masala
  • 4 cardamom pods
  • 1 whole cauliflower (roughly 300g once cleaned out)
  • 240g baby spinach
  • 300g frozen peas
  • 1100ml water
  • Salt to taste

The best you can do with spices is frying them up with oil on a high heat so that the aroma comes out. Throw in the cauliflower and stir until it gets golden, add frozen peas and stir again for a couple of minutes. Add lukewarm water, bring it all to a simmer and leave on low heat for around 20mins. Once the vegetables are soft enough to be cut with a spoon take out of the heat and blitz. Add salt.Pass it through a chinois if you want a perfect consistency, although I like a chewable soup!

With this soup I made garlic and olive oil croutons with some leftover Irish wheaten loaf I had in the house and a yoghurt and coriander sauce. Pan fried pancetta or fried shallots are other very good options! The combinations are infinite!


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